Princess Princess Star Headlines Japan Day @ Central Park

For one day, Japanese music will overtake New York City. Kaori Kishitani (former lead singer of Princess Princess) and other musicians will be performing at the 7th Annual Japan Day @ Central Park in New York City on Sunday, May 14th. The event was established in 2006 to help promote an understanding of Japanese culture... Continue Reading →


Neuromantic (Yukihiro Takahashi)

Our current culture seems to be infatuated by 80s-twinged synth music. There's a good reason for this: it fits our obsession with nostalgia. For proof, listen to the Stranger Things or It Follows soundtracks, or acclaimed indie hits such as Arcade Fire's "The Sprawl II" or Mac Demarco's "Passing Out Pieces." All of these modern works... Continue Reading →

Shoso Strip (Sheena Ringo)

Sheena Ringo is ticked off, but you probably wouldn't know that from talking to her. Shoso Strip presents the world of a disenchanted person who claims her life is a pun ("Benkai Debussy"), thinks her lover is like Kurt Cobain and questions if that makes her like Courtney Love ("Gips"), and blatantly states that she could die tomorrow... Continue Reading →

Perfect Blue film soundtrack (Various Artists)

Perfect Blue is a 1997 anime film by Satoshi Kon, a director known for his mind-bending thrillers. The film follows Mima, a pop idol turned actress, who struggles with fan backlash and her own psychological deterioration. Much like the film itself, its soundtrack takes listeners through a manic-depressive journey, ranging from euphoric pop songs to dreary... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Crazy (Princess Princess)

Princess Princess was one of the most successful Japanese female rock groups of all time. At the peak of the band's popularity in 1989, shows at venues like the world-famous Nippon Budokan sold out in mere hours. Boasting both melodious riff-heavy tracks and soothing ballads throughout their discography, it's no wonder Princess Princess reigned as pop-rock royalty.... Continue Reading →

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