“I Want You Back” (The Homecomings)

Sometimes elegant simplicity is all a song needs.

The Kyoto-based indie group the Homecomings recalls the pleasant dream pop charms of bands like Camera Obscura and Alvvays. “I Want You Back” is tinged with both a wistfulness for the past and a yearning for the future.

The strong bass line and breezy chord progression creates a feeling of warmth and friendliness. Based on their music, the Homecomings seem like the type of band who would be content hanging out with fans to just talk about life.

“I Want You Back” evokes a picturesque stroll in the park, filled with glimpses of children playing tag and maybe an older couple sitting on a park bench, purely satisfied with each others company.

On this song, the Homecomings welcome us into their free-spirited world, and it’s not such a bad place to be.


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