Shoso Strip (Sheena Ringo)

Sheena Ringo is ticked off, but you probably wouldn't know that from talking to her. Shoso Strip presents the world of a disenchanted person who claims her life is a pun ("Benkai Debussy"), thinks her lover is like Kurt Cobain and questions if that makes her like Courtney Love ("Gips"), and blatantly states that she could die tomorrow... Continue Reading →


Perfect Blue film soundtrack (Various Artists)

Perfect Blue is a 1997 anime film by Satoshi Kon, a director known for his mind-bending thrillers. The film follows Mima, a pop idol turned actress, who struggles with fan backlash and her own psychological deterioration. Much like the film itself, its soundtrack takes listeners through a manic-depressive journey, ranging from euphoric pop songs to dreary... Continue Reading →

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